Saturday, June 29, 2013

How To Keep Deer Out Of A Garden

How To Keep Deer Out Of Gardens

Do you have an open back yard where your garden is easily accessible to animals like deer? Then you may have already been on the hunt for deer deterrents, or homemade remedies that will keep deer out of your garden. Or maybe hunting season is closed and/or you don't own a gun (just kidding!).

how to keep deer out of garden
We don't want to see these in our garden!

Today we'll talk about a few remedies that you can use from household items, or things that are easily available at any grocery store, that will help to deter deer away from your garden that you work so hard to keep up. These methods may apply to you if you are worried about the chemicals use in some of the deer deterrent sprays that you can get from gardening supply stores. While the containers may say they are safe for plants and for vegetables if you use it in your garden, sometimes it just doesn't feel right growing your plants in an unnatural way.

So we know that my methods will not include any store bought deer deterrent spray. I am actually going to narrow down to just two methods. Both of these methods, in my opinion, work the best because they do not require application everyday or every couple days, and their chances of actually working for you are very great! So here are the two best methods I have chosen to keep deer away from a garden:
  • Sprinkling chili powder on your plants
  • Adding pepper or mint plants to your garden
pepper plant in a home garden
A nice hot pepper plant in a home garden
mint plant in a small garden
A couple small mint plants can work wonders to keeping deer out

 Sprinkling chili powder on your plants

It turns out deer don't like spicy flavorings, so sprinkling chili powder on your soil and on your plants tends to turn them away from your garden. The chili powder will not harm most plants and vegetables, and of course there are no harmful chemicals involved in it. It can even help keep other small pests and insects away from your garden as well.

Adding pepper or mint plants to your garden

Pepper and mint plants are one of the best deer repellent plants out there. Not only do they work great, but they will also go great with your home garden, are easy to care for, and you can of course use the peppers and mint once they are ready to be pulled! As I said before, deer don't like the scent or taste of spicy things, so the pepper and mint both naturally help to keep them away.

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